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A wholesale dealer/ distributor in San Antonio, Texas.  Professional and industrial audio and video supplies and equipment, specialists with "presentation products", sales, rental, leasing, support, design, installation, and training.  For projection screens, multimedia projectors, presentation products, and AV furniture.





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Better Projectors... Winning Presentations.

1/4" CCD DV PROLINETM Camcorder with IEEE 1394 Interface.
2.5" color LCD side monitor.
Additional Rec start/stop button and zoom lever on top handle grip.
Digital Effect Functions include WIPE, MIX, STROBE, GAIN-UP, TRAIL, MOSAIC and MIRROR.

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1/4" 3-CCD DV PROLINETM Camcorder with Infrared Capability and IEEE 1394 Interface.
World's first professional DV camcorder with Infrared recording mode that can record in zero footcandles! SNS = Super Night Shooting (Black & White).

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1/3" 3-CCD 24P/30P/60i DV CinemaTM Camera with CineSwitchTM Technology, CineGammaTM Software and IEEE 1394 Interface.

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